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Client's Challenge

SpaceX sought support from Klesk in the design and production of a thin foil part (0.001 inch) made of a specialty metal that is a critical component of an apparatus for this customer’s main vehicles. SpaceX approached Klesk with a part to quote where the print callouts were extremely challenging to produce and measure. The part also required passivation and no vendor would quote due to the extremely thin material of the part.

Detailed Review Of Our Work

Klesk worked with the customer’s engineers to understand their needs as well as the form, fit and function of the part. A collaborative approach led to Klesk designers building prototype tools and parts that satisfied SpaceX’s needs. After the tremendous success of the prototypes, Klesk adapted the initial tooling into highly repeatable production level tooling and the drawing was updated to a measurable state. To address the passivation challenge, Klesk designed and built fixtures to protect the parts during the passivation process. This creative approach improved lead times, fallout and an even stronger partnership!

Client Case Study #1

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Business Industry

Global technology, software and engineering

Client's Challenge

Emerson approached Team Klesk for the redesign of an existing stamped and machined cap that is a component of the housing for a key measuring device. The idea was to modify the existing part to eliminate the need for multiple parts in final assembly – a productivity and supply chain simplification opportunity.

Detailed Review Of Our Work

Klesk collaborated with the customer’s engineering team to redesign the print to a more manufacturable & measurable state. Klesk developed and produces fixtures, tooling and inspection gages which allowed for a smooth transition with guaranteed fit and function on Emerson’s assembly line. Another creative solution accomplished through collaboration between Klesk and a long-standing customer.

Client Case Study #2

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